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Are u good in math?

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    I just want to know in a clock, 12’O clock both needles (hour and minute) will coincide (one over the other)
    My question is exactly at what time both needles will coincide again after 12’o clock

    Good luck.
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    13.05 :shy: ?
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    movement of hourhand:
    hour hand moves 360 degree in 12 hours.
    one hour is 30 degree. or 60 minutes =30 degree movement
    6 minutes = 3 degrees
    one minute= .5 degrees.
    5 minutes =2.5 degrees

    minute hand moves 360 degrees in 60 minutes
    5 minutes = 30 degrees
    one minute =6 degrees
    at 1:05 the hour hand is at 32.5 degrees . minute hand is at 30 degrees
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    Let [itex]\theta_h[/itex] be the angle of the hour hand away from the 12, and [itex]\theta_m[/itex] be the angle of the minute hand away from the 12. Then I think you can see that
    [tex]12\,\theta_h=\theta_m+360^\circ n[/tex]
    where n is an integer. Now set [itex]\theta_m=\theta_h[/itex] and solve for each n. For example, the first coincidence is at [itex]\theta_{h,m}=360^\circ/11[/itex], or 1:05:27.2727...
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    Yes, but can you do it with hour, minute and second hands all coinciding? :-)
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    this is the only answer.....
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    Can you prove it? :-)
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