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.^. ARE WE ALONE- Relegious Vs Science

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    Can anyone answer me ... ARE WE ALONE??? Are there life's outsite over there?? I'm still wondering... Most relegion says that there is now life out there except human kind and thing on earth... But these scientist keep on saying that there is 99% chance that other form of life could exist somewhere out there...Which one is true????
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    Im going to go with the most logical answer and say not alone. There are just TOO many other planets out there for us to be unique.
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    there is also an issue of "intellligent" life than to just any living organisms. because we all want to answer the questions as to whether consciousness is a "special" thing.
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    The only thing special about human consciousness is needs. We're hardly that advanced let's face it. I'm personally sure that out there is a race that is so far above us that to us they would appear like Gods. I don't know that I just hope it, because if we are alone it's incredibly depressing on many levels.
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    Neither can be right or wrong because we simply do not know.

    However, it is safer to play on the side that does not claim to KNOW the answer without any evidence. That's one of the reasons why religion is so dangerous.
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    This seems totaly backwards to me. I mean, scientifically, all we have to go on is the Drake Equation, in which none of the variables are known, and most can't even be guessed at. 400 billion stars in the average gallaxy, and maybe 400 billion galaxies in the known universe, but the odds against life cropping up around any one of those stars could be near-infinite. Life might be so improbable that even one occurance (here on Earth) is the wildest stroke of luck.
    On the other hand, if one believes in a "God" (an omnipotent Creator), then the odds of anything happening are about 1:1; either He dicided to do it, or not to do it.
    I could believe in the existance of life in other star systems much more easily as a theist than as a scientist.
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    Locking and referring to the thread shown above in S&D.
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