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Are We Experiencing Translocation & Not Knowing It?

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    Hello Everyone.

    Before i start that the belief that we retain a spirt or soul (aura) is needed so as to understand where i'm getting to at the topic at hand.

    Are unknowingly experiencing translocation of being in multiple places at once?

    For this question to arise we must understand our human bodies, or the physical embodiment from bacteria to a person, to a ocean all has some sort of auric or energy sphere related to it. If you want to jack it up into the spiritual manifestations of a soul that very well may be the case.

    Our human bodies are located in this physical realm, and we who hold a religious / spiritual faith conclude that our spirits follow our bodies 24/7. But, what if this is not the case at all? When we do go into a dream state we experience many a benign, cherished, or nightmarish sensory experience. Could these dreams actually be us as a soul passing through our individual or collective matrix memories of God to one degree or another?

    Often the new military invented jargon of "Remote Viewing" has entered our vencular in the last couple of decades. Although before their was remote viewing, there was "Clairvoyance" explained as the same esoteric or pyschic experience by their practioners. Perhaps these remote viewers are further developed than the lot of us, able to access these memory matrix banks of life. Where much psionic (pyschic) literature has stated we all inherantly are endowed with these abilities. (probably due to our soul aka ethereal properties)

    Are we actually in various places at once in consciousness without fully realizing it? If we are, what are we to do with this knowledge for future applications that i hope are benevolent in nature.
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    I think that what you are asking about, is very close to time travel.

    Humans are so social, especially the more organized they get. Scientific research is so domineered by the bottom line, that if we stumbled onto how time travel was done, well the guy with the most money and power, would then have it all, and mould the future like silly putty. Christians would try to keep Jesus from the cross, and Native Americans, would they just slaughter the emigrants on the ships? I guess the question would be how would you change time if you could travel in it? In our current mode, we behave like a colony of bacteria. We eat everything we can, grow as widely as we can, and try to survive our waste products. This is our current time, the universe would be nuts to grant us any more slack.

    Ideas like remote viewing, or coexistence in many time and place frames, end up being very personal journey. The universe is enormous in every way, and you take your one point of consciousness into it, to locations, either random or chosen. I have heard very little discussion about successful group travel plans except for Castaneda, and those wily Mahayana Buddists, that discuss the thousands of Budda Worlds, and how one world looks and how another one looks.

    I can imagine that occupants of other dimensions might meet with us one at a time, but there is no helping this planet out of the current huge mess we have made. It is terminal. Our disrespect for the process of life is so stunning, that I am sure life has some very large lessons looming for us.

    Perhaps we are sadly typical of living planets that discover fire, and then our own internal fires, and wish for comfort and immortality; even in the face of the transience of stars and galaxies. We are so short lived in comparison to the life of a planetary entity, like Earth; yet we have taken such a destructive path. The extra dimensional aspects of human life somehow pale, in mornings spent among impending ruin.
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    I have my own theory about this. Scientists say that our experience of the physical world is caused by the activity of neurons in the brain. If their argument were right, then we'd have no basis to believe that the physical world really exists, since we can't prove that all that neuronal activity is not generated by the brain itself, rather than by some external reality. The existence of an external reality beyond the reach of our nervous system is certainly not required to explain our experiences, so why do scientists still believe in an external, brain-independent reality? For one simple reason: the existence of an external reality beyond the reach of our nervous systemis not required to explain our experiences, but is required to explain the existence of our nervous system.

    The scientific view of the world is obviously incomplete, as it forces us to conclude that we have no basis to believe anything exists beyond our nervous systems, which of course is not the case. So how can we complement the scientific view so that we can still assert the existence of an independent reality? I believe one possible way is to assert the existence of not one but several independent "realities". Your nervous system/brain/body exists in all of them, and you just happen to be focussed on this particular one during the time you are awake. When you go to sleep, or even when you're daydreaming, you shift your focus to other worlds.

    The problem of course is that the worlds of our dreams do not seem real. The scientific explanation is that they are not real because they are just random neuronal activity disconnected from reality. But as I have tried to explain, we have no scientific basis to assume that any neuronal activity is connected to any reality beyond the nervous system itself. So it makes no sense to claim that this world is real and dream worlds are not on the basis of our knowledge of neurology alone. What makes the dream world appear unreal to us is nothing but the fact that we can't make much sense of it. So we have strong reasons to suspect the worlds of our dreams are as real as this one, if only we could experience dreams in a way that allows us to understand their worlds.

    So far I've been speculating. If there is some truth to this theory, then it must have consequences for our knowledge. And there are. One thing that follows is that some form of connection between the dream worlds and this world must exist, otherwise we couldn't travel back and forth between the two. And if the connection is real, then it must at times provide information about this world in the dream world, and vice-versa. That is, if I'm correct then at times we may expect to find correlations between this world and the worlds of dreams.

    As it turns out, reports of such correlations abound. Someone dreams of a relative who is dying, only to find the next morning that the relative actually died that night. A mother dreams about her child being in danger, only to wake up and find the child was actually in danger. A person dreams about a long lost friend, only to unexpectedly hear from the friend the next day. Such experiences are as old as mankind, and they happen to almost everyone, often several times during their lives. The only reason many people dismiss those experiences as "coincidences" is because we can't explain them. But they can be explained, as I attempted to do now, and the explanation has profound consequences to the way we think about ourselves and the world in which we currently live.
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    Hello Confutatis,

    To hijack the current physics vogue of the decade being "String Theory".

    What about when we slip into our dream state or day dreaming world. We actually are crossing into another "Brane" or a buffer between branes. Where the collective unconsicious we experience as a medley of dreams, thoughts, inspirations, etc... would be located there. The current physics of String Theory reports that each brane or dimension is merely one millimeter away from us. That would be a no-brainer for entering a dream state.

    Where our thoughts aka mind isn't so much lodged into our carnal brain matter. But, in a brane one millimeter away from us in the next dimension. Often referred to as: soul, spirits, aura's, ghosts, etc...

    Gosh, oh my what a premise that would be!
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    And in fact it is. All you have to do is change your state of consciousness. The challenge is to do that without losing your ability to focus and reason. But I suspect if we could do it, then we would not come back to this side of the universe. Which may well be why people die.

    It's very interesting, isn't it? It explains quite a lot of things, and it makes a lot of sense.
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    You needn't get this wild with the speculation. If there exists a non-physical locus of human consciousness, it might simply migrate away from the body and perceive non-sensory input when the body goes to sleep. It might very well know, through some non-physical sense, that a loved one is in danger or a relative has just died. There is no need to postulate a migration into another realm - it might simply be a migration elsewhere in this realm.
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    Or it might be that their hearts stop beating.

    Makes sense to who?
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    Yes, it might be that too. We can't rule out any possibility until we have more information.
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    Hello Loseyourname,

    Actually i was using the comparsion of what little i know of "String Theory". However, Buddhists have long since believed that all dimensions / realms are emeshed or united into one. So while we reside here in this physical dimension in carnal bodies. For a ghost in his ethereal body this dimension would be ethereal to it. So heaven, physicality, hell, purgatory and whatever else can all coexist side by side for each manner of life that is synched up to it.

    When we synch up to it in our dream state as a soul. We may be entering a buffer realm or what many have called the astral planes.
  11. May 25, 2004 #10
    I agree. This has actually happened to me several times in the last 22 years while awakening. I would elaborate, but there are really no words in human language to describe the expansion of consciousness I experienced and how the physical looked for a brief time. :surprise:
  12. May 31, 2004 #11
    Id disagree that the physical world is uneeded for our exiperiences,
    For example i could ask someone to look at a clock and write down the time it reads on a peice of paper while i do the same (both keeping our results hidden from each other). If we then show each other our results and see that we have percieved the same thing, doesnt that prove the existance of an objective reality? however granted we could be experiencing a collective dream that we all take part it...

    On the subject of dreams yes i think that they can be very real, just as real as reality, and that reality can at times me more dreamlike than dreams.
    Infact ive come to the conclusion that the universe makes no distinction bewteen hallucinations and things that are objectively there, only we make that distinction.
    For instance when phyconauts take drugs with a friend/partner and vist strange worlds only to find afterwards that their partner has expeirenced the same thing, it becomes even more aparent that any thought is manifest in some plane of reality and can (if the conditions are right) be seen or felt by someone else. This makes sense if you think of it, as the idea that thoughts and dreams exist outside of reality is really an absurdity. Our dreams are as much a part of the universe as a world or a galaxy and as such i see no reason why they couldnt be observed by someone else.

    Im still not sure what this dream world/dream state is, but it does seem very much like a buffer szone, somewhere half way between here and a place where thoughts are more flexible and complex.
  13. Jun 5, 2004 #12
    We are an individual consciousness, within a larger consciousness.

    Those things within the scope of the consciousness we are in, is the limit to our being able to percieve. If you are able to move through that space, from one consciousness to another, you will find that the larger the consciousness you can enter, the larger the scope.

    And the consciousness that you are in, the one which is dominant, affects your perception of the world. We are not a parasite, but we do require a host of sorts. And that host is the multiverse. Which is not merely physical and made of atoms, keeping in mind that atoms themselves are convertible to energy E=mc2 because they are in fact energy in a different form. http://www.users.csbsju.edu/~frioux/q-intro/INTRO-QM-DIRAC.pdf
    They are not the stuff in and of itself any more than a wave is the water.

    And what do we do with this knowledge?

    When you learn to actually move from one consciousness to another, you do so until you find one where you are comfortable, and where the events which occur in your life are favorable just like a flea looks for a warm dog I suppose, sad as it may seem to some. But that is over the head of most people on earth, who instead make the best of the hand they are dealt, not ever knowing that your spirit can travel through the multiverse by will alone.
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