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Are we identical copies?

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    Now, I've heard that indistinguishiblity statistics in quantum mechanics dictate that fundamental particles are exactly identical to every other corresponding fundamental particle.

    There is no way to tell two electrons apart (two electrons are exactly identical).

    This raises an interesting question.

    This means that I am exactly equivalent to you in every way possible, and you are identical to your neighbor, and so on (except for the addition or subtraction of these particles to account for mass difference), yet we may have vastly differing experiences, personalities, quirks, pet peeves, life stories, etc (you name it). We are made up of the same exact stuff (we are identical copies if you will), yet we are so different.

    Does this inescapably mean that the overwhelming difference in life experience is merely proportional to a few million subatomic particles here or there? It just can't be so, at least not in a world without a careful Watchmaker allowing for this. (Sorry to bring in religion) Thoughts..?
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