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Are we lonely?

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    imagine in an immense universe, spanning billions lightyears wide in space, there is a tiny called the earth in a solar system inhabited with 6 billions population--------what a loneliness!
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    aahhh come on. it hard engouh as it is for me to keep on rationaliztioning my continued existance.
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    You're not the first to think that way. It's mindboggling just imagining it.

    Here's an article on the Physicspost that deals with exobiology:

    http://www.physicspost.com/articles.php?articleId=30 [Broken]
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    well, at least we still have each other...

    and anyways, who's to say that we're alone?
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    to paraphrase from the movie Contact...

    If we are alone, then what an awful waste of space!
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    Hmm........ Funny Sci-Fi ;)
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    Considering all that is going on in space, including birth
    and death, I'm just glad that we're about, if only a nano-
    second in the life of the Universe, to have seen it and
    and delighted in it, and wondered about it ... Even if
    we are alone.
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    As far as probablities go, it's not very likely at all that we are the only planet with life. In fact, if the Universe is infinite (and I'm not saying it is), there's asolutely zero chance that there's no life on other planets.
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    Honestly, I never got tired of that movie (but nothing can duplicate that feeling when I first watched it).
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    I enjoyed the book even more!
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    I never got the chance to read the book (even though I would love to).

    That movie, Contact, is a changing experience. Before, I would just stare up at the night sky and mutter to myself about how it seemingly goes on "forever" and there seems no sign of life. After watching that movie, I still stare up at the night sky and wonder about the expanses of space but I also imagine something is staring back at me and saying the same thing.

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