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Are we looking in the wrong place for the higgs boson?

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    I was thining about how physicists are looking for the higgs boson and i need some clearification on some things. From my understanding(which is little) this is what I know:
    1: The higgs boson is theorized as the sub partical that gives all other sub particles their mass.
    2: the higgs boson gives other sub particlels their mass by decaying into other particles.
    So when i thought about those 2 things, i was comfused by why they are smashing particles apart to look for somthing that leaves once it decays into the other particle... and for that matter if it decays into another particle to give it mass, it cant exist in the structure and only exist before a particle is made and doesnt stay as an independent part of it after.

    I guess i think of higgs bosons as kind of like a stem cell. stem cells produce any other cell. and once a stem cell turns into a muscle cell, its no longer a stem cell. so why whould you smash apart particles looking for somthing thats already gone?

    What I propose is to try to measure a higgs boson in its "natural habitat". make a nuclear fusion reaction and measure it the same way they measure particles when they break them apart. try to measure the higgs boson when particles are forming rather than breaking apart.

    I know I'm a crackpot and its because i have little understanding in this feild. Its because I also have difficulty in english, and have a difficulty in how to word things. but on the contrary, I'm not refusing to be wrong. In fact I'm sure im wrong I just need somone to tell me how.

    I have more ambition to know than i have knowledge.

    I come to this forum because I don't know where to look to get the answers I need. If anyone knows of any good websites or books that aren't so dry, that would be nice. :)

    My name is Jack and I'm a crackpot please help.
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