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Are we significant?

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    Lets say there were a level 3 civilization out in the cosmos..

    If they flew over Earth and detected our life, will they most likely stop and study us?
    OR would they simply keep going because our intelligence is no where near theirs, and we could not communicate with them?

    I heard an argument where someone said ET would just keep going, because they would look at us like we are good for nothing worms. Kind of how we look at insects on Earth..

    but that didn't make sense to me, if they would travel this far.. Why would they not stop and study us, unless they are used to seeing life like ours on different planets.. Wouldn't the discovery of Earth be a pretty big deal to any ET life, unless life is very common??

    Second Question, if there is other life in the universe would it be carbon based?
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    I think it pretty hard to correctly assume what ET is thinking if they were to fly by, are they running from something, exploring, looking for something they need, did they forget their towel somewhere in the vicinity of Beetleguise, or something that we can't even comprehend because we are as you said, we are little more than primitive bugs to them?

    As for the second question, as far as we know probably, but there is insufficient data for a meaningful answer.
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    In answer to your second question, carbon based chemistry is certainly one favourable option but there are multiple hypothetical alternative biochemistries.

    Asking us to speculate on the motives of beings that we know nothing about (including their existence) is futile and against the site rules.
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