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Are we the ancients

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    I'm not sure where to put this topic so I've posted it here for you people to consider...

    In sci-fi there are often themes of precursors to current civilisations, advanced species that lived thousands of years ago.

    Consider for a moment the possibility that we are the Ancients, the Forerunners, the First Ones. Hummanity is the first intelligent species to emerge in this universe, Earth the first planet to hold intelligent life.

    Now I'm a firm believer that alien life exists and we are not but I put forward the idea for discussion as I'm interested in some other prespectives on this.

    What would it mean to humans to venture into space and say a million years or 5 find no other signs of Intelligent life. We begin seeding worlds throughout the universe, thus becoming the ancients.

    Now lets assume of course that some disaster doesn't destroy us before we exit our Solar System, the Galactic impact with the Andromeda Galaxy in 2/3 billiion years doesn't destroy us, and we get to the point of populating the galaxy, local cluster, etc.

    We, I think, would consider ourselves, in a million years of not finding another intelligent species, once again unique and special like the days of religious dogma when we considered ourselves the center of existence.

    By the time we get to colonising the enitre galaxy we may have made so many changed to ourselves that we do not resemble our current state of being at all. We may in some sense of the word god be ourselves considered that by those that evolve from our seeds. On the other hand we may maintain the human form we have now and live amongst our seeds as men.

    What are your thoughts?

    Is the universe already populated?
    Are we the first?
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