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Are you ALWAYS curious/open for new knowledge?

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    Hi, in mid-terms when I have to hand exercices weekly and have to prepare for examns (in Physics), I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. Very often when I go to a lecture I don't feel motivated because I am a couple of lectures behind. I really hate skipping things or scanning them superficially just to be somewhat prepared for the next lecture. I prefer studying them in my own pace, but my own pace is always slower than, say, four lectures a week.

    That's why I often feel that when my mind is saturated, new things (even if they are actually very interesting) appear dull. I can never shake off that feeling in mid-terms. When I am studying a subject for an examn it's like routine, it's a must, a duty, a rational and not a passionate task. When I have no such obligation (e.g. in the course of a longer project) I am not afraid to skip things and to filter some aspect I am particularly interested in. But when it comes to examns, it seems impossible to do that, so I study subject by subect, page by page.

    It's actually frustrating that when I study some of the most interesting things in physics (for the purpose of passing my examns), it's like a routine which (among other things) involves NOT missing out any details. It usually works very well (grade-wise), but apart from some beautiful glimpses (when I understand something I failed to understand the last couple of days), it's not very passionate, just routine.

    Do you know that feeling?
    What do you do to overcome it?
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    I know the feeling, and I doubt I will ever overcome it. It's more a matter of satiating the desire to know everthing there is to know about something. I'm inherently curious - and I probably think/wonder/ponder too much. I do filter subjects though.

    Physical exercise (walking, running, cycling, soccer, hiking, . . . ) is one way to get one's mind to relax a bit. Otherwise there's meditation.
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