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Are you hurting ?

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    http://www.digitallivingtoday.com/netscape/yourdough/hurting/index.html [Broken]

    I sometimes sit all day long just to program and write reports, but I never find my self hurt at all. That article's correctness is what I am really in doubt of...How about you ? You find it useful, or ....
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    The key is that you sometimes sit all day long, RSI occurs when you do the same movement over and over again, aggravated by a wrong posture. I knew a girl who was always was using the mouse in her left hand, so I thought she was a lefty, turned out she had problems using her right hand/arm due to RSI and was seeing a physiotherapist for it.
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    I find it useful, very useful article to read, although I never meet anyone who has RSI, instead I have talked to quite a lot of gay males. Some of them are even my wife's best friends.
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