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Homework Help: Area bounded

  1. Feb 15, 2015 #1
    i m thinking of this...
    area bounded by x=0, y=0, y=x^2, y=4-x^2 and x=2

    why the region bounded by the below three cases are the same
    1. x=0, y=0, y=x^2, y=4-x^2
    2. y=0, y=x^2, y=4-x^2
    3. and x=0, y=x^2, y=4-x^2

    but after i add x=2 and compute the bounded region, it's different?

    i am just feeling so hard of finding the bounded region of the above curves
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    It is unclear which area you mean. The initial 5 conditions can be used to define up to 5 different areas, and all three cases below are ambiguous as well.

    Did you draw a sketch?
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    For the initial description,
    x=0, y=0, y=x^2, y=4-x^2 and x=2
    and the conditions you are given,
    1. x=0, y=0, y=x^2, y=4-x^2
    2. y=0, y=x^2, y=4-x^2
    3. and x=0, y=x^2, y=4-x^2
    Note, that in "1" the three conditions given are exactly the same as in the initial description. You have to explain why "x= 2" is not necessary.
    For "2" the same is true except that it is "x= 0" that is missing and for "3" it is y= 0.
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