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Area of a dome

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    Trying to figure out the answer to another thread.

    What is formula for the surface area of a dome?

    Googling got me [tex]2\pi r h[/tex] (where [tex]h[/tex] is the height of the dome above its slice through the sphere). Is that right?

    Ultimately, I'm trying to figure out how the area changes as a function of the slice through the sphere. i.e.:

    When the slice goes through the centre of the sphere, the area is X (in fact, exactly half of the sphere's area).

    OK. Now, if I move the slice out to [tex]1/2 r[/tex], what does that do to the area of the dome? Does the area halve? or quarter?
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    I advise u draw a picture.Explain the geometry of the drawing.Which is the sphere,which is the paraboloid,is it a revolution paraboloid,are they coaxial,what is "h",what is "r",or simply give the link to the webpage where u got that result.

    If you're asking for help,at least do it in a proper way.

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    Guess I didn't get the memo on "the proper way".

    (Don't know why this gpt posted twice...)
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