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Area of a triangle

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    sorry, i know this isnt that difficult of a problem but the square root is messing me up. OK im told to find the area of a right triangle. Now i know the area of a right triangle is A=1/2bh but i havent encountered this type of problem before. OK so now A=1/2(15)(15 square root of 3), how would i go about figuring this out?
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    Your expression is somewhat confusing.
    What is "this" in your question?
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    nevermind i got it, i needed to find the area of that expression. I went out and bought a scientific calculator and...funny that makes things alot easier. haha
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    Well, you didn't "find the area of that expression"! "Expressions" don't have areas, only plane geometric figures do. What you did was evaluate the expression which gives the area of the triangle. (I have a friend who says mathematicians are "anal-retentive"- but she is basing that on a very small sample!)

    Yes, a calculator is certainly the best way to do such a calculation.

    By the way- since you are putting this on the internet, you clearly have access to a computer and "Windows", at least, comes with a "calculator".
    You could have used that!
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