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Area of an oval

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    area of an "oval"


    I want to calculate the area under the length "L" of this shape.
    W, h and b are known.

    I am using the formula for a ellipse, pi*h*L/4 but it is not so good when h gets bigger for instance or when b gets smaller.
    When h is small, the calculated area with the elipse equation gets to big, and when h gets larger the calculated area get smaller than it really is..

    Any ideas or tips ?

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    Re: area of an "oval"

    Calculate the rectangular and curved parts separately. The rectangular part's area is Lh. The shape of the curved parts has to be described in better detail.
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    Re: area of an "oval"

    you can try with the way mathman said. find out rectangle area by Lh, ellipse area (Pi*(h/2)*b) add both.
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    Re: area of an "oval"

    There will still be the left over part between where B ends and the rectangle starts.

    Tough question. I am interested to hear a solution!
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    Re: area of an "oval"

    You need to be precise as to shape of the boundary! I cannot tell from the picture the exact shape of the part outside the rectangle.
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    Re: area of an "oval"

    even i dont understand the picture. i gave formula just assuming that b starts from the L that is L+2b = W.
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