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Area problem.

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    assume that we have an area of 20*30 meters, and we want to cut it to some parts of specified areas. I want to know when is it possible?
    Of course the first assumpsion should be: the sum of the areas should not exceed the total area. I know we need another assumpsion.
    What is it???
    And if the process is possible, how can we minimize the pert of this cutage.
    I mean to cut it in an optimum way.

    Thank a lot
    Somy :smile:
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    Well, that ought to depend the shapes of the "areas" you want
    (With equal areas, but disks rather than squares or stars, you'll get different answers in general)
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    I know that!
    but suppose we have a series of such areas that we need to make them.
    I just want the method, if there is any.
    Thanks a lot
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    yes, there is amethod to minimize paper waste, and stuff like that but you need to do some calculus and optimization. Have you done calc yet?
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    This is a well researched, but fairly complex non-linear optimization problem - known as the "trim loss" problem.

    Google it.
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    thanks Gokul!!!
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