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Area problem

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    what is the area bounded by the curve cos[x] within ranges of pi and 0
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    Sounds like a good problem. Have you tried doing anything with it?
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    one word:"integration" use that ;)
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    Draw the graph for cos[x] , and use integration from 0 to pie. After drawing the graph , see if you need to break up integration into two parts depending if the graph cuts the x-axis or not.

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    what eventually becomes the answer
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    Why don't you work it out yourself? After all, it is your homework problem, is it not? If you just want to check your work, you could post your work...
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    it's no h/work,i just posted it here.pls what will the answer be
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    I hope this isn't homework! I'ts very badly phrased if it is. The curve y= cos(x) doesn't "bound" any area and, since y is negative for x> [tex]
    \frac{\pi}{2}[/tex], it's not clear what area you are talking about.

    How about giving us more information about exactly what question you are asking. How did this problem come up?
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    It could be 0 or 2, depending on the context of the problem. :tongue2:
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