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Homework Help: Area under a curve

  1. Jul 26, 2007 #1
    I have an exponential function graph that was given to me as a question i had to find the points and find three different ways of finding the area under the curve.

    I found an Empirical model (finding the formula and integrating from one point to another)

    I found a Finite Element model (either using simpson's rule or the trapezoidal rule)

    But there seems to be another one called a Stochastic model or probability model.

    My question is is there anyone that knows where to find this on the net or knows of it right off the back? I would like to know just the rule or steps and i will do the work myself... thanks
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    You get some device called a planimeter that is (was) used to determine the area under a graph, or the area of any flat surface.
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    but that has nothing to do with the stochastic model or probability model...

    i need a formula or set of steps not a tool...
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    Other numerical integration methods are Rhomberg, adaptive quadrature and Gauss-Legendre.
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