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Area under a gragh

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    to take the area under a graph of
    (1+2^x) from 0 to 30 how can you do this and what is the answer
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    [tex]\int\limits_0^{30} {\left( {1 + 2^x } \right)dx} = \left( {x + \frac{{2^x }}{{\log 2}}} \right)_0^{30} = 30 + \frac{{2^{30} - 1}}{{\log 2}}[/tex]

    Questions like these belong here :)
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    If you have a function f(x), it's integral from a to b is the area bounded by the graph of the function, the x axis and the lines y=a, y=b.

    The term "area under the curve" can lead to confusion, because in the intervals where the function is negative, the integral actually gives the negative of the area not under but above the curve.

    exemple: the integral of sin(x) between 0 and 2pi is 0 because there is a "mountain" over the x-axis, followed by a "valley" (under the x-axis). The total area under the mountain is A, and the area over the valley is A also, but since f(x) is negative there, this area is substracted while calculating the integral...

    [tex]\int_0^{2\pi}\sin(x)dx = \int_0^{\pi}\sin(x)dx+\int_{\pi}^{2\pi}\sin(x)dx = A+(-A)=0[/tex]
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    True indeed, but how does that apply here? 1+2x > 0 for all real x, so [itex]\int\limits_0^{30} {\left( {1 + 2x} \right)dx}[/itex] is (represents) indeed, as asked by the OP, the area under the curve y=1+2x (additionally bounded by y=0, x=0, and x=30).
    :redface: Hint:
    [tex]\forall a > 0,\;\int {a^x dx} = \frac{{a^x }}{{\log a}} + C[/tex]
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