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Areas between curves

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    I know its a really dumb question and if i reached this far in math i should know but..how do you draw the diagrams for this topic? Like they give you a region in a plane defined by some kind of inequalities such as (x-2y^2 greater than or equal to 0), (1-x- IyI greater than or equal to 0) and tell you draw it...and im just spaced out drawing circles all over my paper at this point...THE BEGINNING :rofl:
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    Do you mean [itex]x- 2y^2\ge 0[/itex] and [itex]1- x- |y|\ge 0[/itex]?

    Draw graphs of the corresponding equations. [itex]x- 2y^2= 0[/itex] is the same as [itex]x= 2y^2[/itex], a hyperbola with horizontal axis. 1- x- |y|= 0 is the same as x= 1-|y|, a "broken" line or a "V" opening to the right. Then take one point on each side of the curve to decide which side is "[itex]\ge[/itex]" and which is "[itex]\le[/itex].
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