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Argentina vs Ivory Coast

  1. Jun 10, 2006 #1
    Looks like a good game, love the IC jerseys. Argentina up 1-0 with a crespo goal.
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    Argentina up 2-0 right now. But i like how Ivory Coast play, they might get a goal or two themselves.
    The second goal seemed to be way offside.
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    drogba with a goal!!
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    Nice game. Go Coast!!
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    yeap was a nice game :)
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    I have been watching the match (first match I watch in this world cup), and I missed Messi, because the so-dubbed "New Maradona", is a very vertical player, very clever in counterattack. The phantom goal previous to the goal by Crespo, the ball that rebounded off the post and was snatched up dramatically by the goalie, seemed a legal goal to me at first; when I see the replay I have my doubts because I'm not sure if the ball enters the goal.

    There's an Argentine player that is in offside position, but I believe that the "Rabbit" Saviola was not offside
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    This was the best game of the day. Argentina was definitely better, especially the first half, but they nearly let the Ivory Coast back into it. Drogba could wind up ruining someone's tournament, considering how tough this group is.
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    Every one realizes I woulda been right in my 3-1 score if that third goal wasn't an offside right? Just checking :biggrin:
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    It was only because Argentina WAS Argentina that they managed to defend against the IC's attacks. IC, for first timers, are actually a can load of whoopass, and could have easilt thrashed england if they played them.
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    Yep, i wasn't expecting IC to be this strong. They're one of my teams now. :smile:
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    Some relief from yesterday's goal drought!! Good job, Argentina. :biggrin:
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