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Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro

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    What a complete whitewash. ARG 6 - 0 SCG

    2 goals by Rodriguez. 2 assists and a goal each from Messi and Crespo.
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    :eek: :surprised Maradona must have a sore throat by now.

    I did not bother to watch the second half; but the orchestration of the second goal was superb. The commentator said that there was a total of 24 passes in that one.
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    hhhmmmmmmm.... that was a bit too convincing..
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    Of all the matches to miss :cry: I was stuck making pellets instead of watching this match :grumpy:
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    can't believe it.............. 6:0
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    Finally Lionel Messi on the world stage. What a player!!
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    It's kind of heartless to put in your reserves when you have as much depth as Argentina. The starters might have let off a bit in the second half. Messi and Trevez went on trying to prove they deserve some playing time, too.
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