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Arghhh stupid momentum

  1. Nov 15, 2004 #1
    a 1.5 kg brick is dropped vertically onto a 2.5 kg toy truck, which is moving across a level floor at 0.80 m/s. With what velocity do the truck and brick continue to movie, after the brick has landed on the truck.

    i've dealt with only horizontal movements andd i haven't covered this yet in class sooo ineeed helppp lol would the truck go through the floor if the brick hit it ? lol =S
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    nevermind i got the answer now its 0.50 m/s lol
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    where m1=2.5Kg V1=0.8m/s m2=1.5+2.5=4Kg V2=?
    i suppose this is the answer because there is no vertical component of the bricks force acting on the truck........
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    i got it right then.......:)
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