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Argument for the Existence of God

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    "Argument for the Existence of God"

    I find this very interesting and humorous:

    any thoughs?

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    In that quote, he is simply arguing that the universe came to be during the big bang. Although not as widely accepted as it once was, it isn't at all unreasonable. Also I don't see anything about God in the quote.
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    Well, I certainly can't fault them for trying to inform people about what they apparently believe is the truth. However, I think their methods are reprehensible, their presentation is not an argument, and, while neither may be their fault entirely, as they deride others for giving "completely fabricated explanations" they should hold themselves to the same standard and not misrepresent their own knowledge, the positions of others, or facts of record or observation. It is a shame but nothing new.

    By the way, does the following make any sense to anyone else? No, I didn't edit it; It is an entire line of reasoning.
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    The ID arguments have lots of problems. The fine tuning arguments are mostly bogus. There is only a very tiny spot in space and time where life is possible. Take that as evidence that the universe was not "created for life". One generally finds that different places have different conditions. Thus there are many "trials" of physical variables making rare occurences quite likely.
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    If it makes them happy thats all good but I think the word 'existence' is misleading and pointless.
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