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Arildno, can you help me with a fluid mechanics question?

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    In the equation

    P = P *sub*atm + pgh

    what is the "g"?

    gravity due to earth????????????
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    Yes, it is the gravitational acceleration experienced by the fluid (9.81 m/s^2 towards the ground).
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    now i can finish my problem.

    one more though...

    in this equation for fluid mechanics....

    F*sub*b = pVg

    Is the V for volume? becuase I'm given the dimensions of a box floating on water and I have to figure out how much of it is under water
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    Gib Z

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    Having not done fluid mechanics the [itex]F_b[/itex] may indicate to me the buoyancy or something? Maybe V is viscosity?

    Is your p for momentum, or really a rho, for density? if so, the RHS of your equation can become mg, if v is volume.

    But yea, really, this should be in Introductory Physics or something, not precalc math. And why does your title refer to arildno, hes not the only person who tries to help you know :P
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    V is most likely volume, so that Fb is the buoyancy force.
    In the future, please do not refer to specific members in your title.
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