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Classical Aristotle's Book Recommendation

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    I have started a project to learn Physics by understanding its intellectual evolution, instead of directly jumping into the Physics generalities/paradigms/theories described in textbooks. Now I started reading Rene Dugas' History of Mechanics book, which starts with Aristotle as the starting point. I started searching Aristotle's books on Physics, there is one book. I want a modern reflection on it or commentary on it, there are many commentary books, I am not able to know the best one. The purpose of going for commentary instead of the original is because to hear from an expert on the situation. If a proper book to understand Aristotle in the field of Physics is suggested, I will be really happy.

    By doing this I am trying to see how theory is built from raw observations. Any advice will also be most helpful.
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    Hi, I don't know a specific book on the topic but recently in ''To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science'', Steven Weinberg examined the Aristotle Physics in a critic way ...

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    Mathematics and the Physical World by Morris Kline is nice book. Talks about how the demands of physics led to developments in mathematics.
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