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Armadillo Run

  1. May 25, 2009 #1
    I just downloaded the Demo of http://www.armadillorun.com/" [Broken] since one of you guys suggested it a while back as an interesting game.

    I would love to play it, however, it runs slower than molasses on my PC - the first tutorial took over two minutes to finish.

    What am I doing wrong? :confused::frown:
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    Well, for starters, don't put molasses on your PC...

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    Apparently it has a fairly realistic physics engine but I'm not sure if that would be slowing your computer down alot. And I don't think the game requires alot of processing power. Maybe your video card?

    Have you checked to make sure your computer meets the games requirements?
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    Might be the driver for the video card. I'm using the Microsoft version right now, I'll get the genuine ATI version now and see what happens...
  6. May 25, 2009 #5
    Genuine ATI driver did the trick! :blushing:

    I re-formatted my C: a couple of weeks ago and figured the video driver WIN XP provides should suffice. Should have known better, darn Microsoft crap... :mad:

    Thanks for the hint!
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