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Armature of an electric motor

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    The armature of an electric motor, (the inside coils) are made from copper and have extremely low resistance. When you connect the motor to a voltage supply and supply some current to the motor, even though the resistance is low, the current may be as little as 2 or 3 Amps. Where does the resistance that limits the current come from?

    I have no idea, but i believe it is an easy answer. I thought of power lines and them using high voltage instead of current so less heat is lost, but am stuck
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    Look up back EMF or counter EMF.
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    Re: Armature

    Hi all, new to the forum, Need some information on what is called the (star) winding on the older 6-12 volt generators. WORKING ON A SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT WITH GRAND SON. To be exact need to know how to rewind them and how many wire ends are soldered to the commutator sections. Also if the other ends of the windings in the slot are all hooked together as in a neutral point. Any info would be much appreciated.Thanks.
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