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Arranging men, women problem ?

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    let there are
    10 men and 5 women
    if they are standing in a particular order

    M M W W M M M M W M M W M M =Z

    we have to arrange them in couples.

    like this MW MW MW MW MW; MMMMMM =X

    if you reverse the process, you have to get the given original order=Z

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    And the question is what?
    What permutations do we need to do? Or in how many possible ways we can do this?
    I would expect the latter, but then the "condition" doesn't make sense to me (for information about the process is not relevant)

    Also, you said "they are standing in a particular order". Does this mean that we can identify the separate men and women? So, for example, interchanging the first two people in the row (which are both men), does that give a different order or is it the same?
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