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Array storage

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    Dear Sir,

    I am using FORTRAN.
    I have little experience and i am facing one problem.

    I want to store data (i.e. X and Y values) in an array (A(900),B(900)) in such a way that at first I used only 30 elements of each array for storage 30 initial values of X and Y and then I have some scientific calculations to change the values of X and Y and then again want to store 30 modified values of X and Y in the same array from the 31th array element of both arrays. In this way I want to store my data and finally want to print these arrays.

    Could you please help me out how I can write this algorithim I FORTRAN code…..

    Please help me.

    Please guide me

    With best regards
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    Why do you need arrays with 900 elements if you're planning to use only 60 of them? Also, a web search on "fortran array" should yield plenty of examples of how to use arrays.
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