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Homework Help: Arrays in Java

  1. Jun 26, 2007 #1
    I'm supposed to create a method that adds intergers to an array and keep it in sorted order. I'm supposed to search for the number in the array using binarySearch. I get an error that says arrayOutOfBound I don't know how to fix this. I have written the following code:
    elementData is the array,

    Code (Text):
     public void add(int value) {

          int index = binarySearch(elementData,value,0, size - 1);
          for (int i = size; i > index; i--)
               elementData[i] = elementData[i - 1];
               elementData[index] = value;
    I appreciate any help :confused:
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    I'm a little rusty in my Java,
    so your algorithm there seems to move every value up in order to make a spot to place the new value in the right sorted order right?

    The only thing I can see is what happens when the new value is lower than all other values? so it goes all the way to i=0, and elementData[i-1] will give try to get to elementData[-1] which would be out of the boundary of the array.

    So maybe adding and if(i=0) will fix that? so you just replace the 0'th element, since it was already moved up to [1].
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    Thanks for your help
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    Well, if the array's length is called size, then the elements of that array range from 0 to size - 1. However, your for loop starts with i=size, meaning you're past the end of the array.

    - Warren
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