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News Arresting Impartial Observers?

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    your thoughts?
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    I would believe that it is against the law. Surely such laws weren't intended for the purpose of shutting down oversight, but the law's the law.

    Republicans tend to be xenophobic and have the attitude that the US rules (or at least, SHOULD rule) and that every other country sucks eggs. So what are these farn fag eggsuckers doin' messing with our 'lections, which are the BEST IN THE WORLD??? The nerve of them eggsuckers. I would expect them to be quite unfriendly to any such monitors. I would expect his attitude to be popular in Texas.
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    What right does the UN have to over see any of our political functions?

    Granted if it were up to me one of the budget holes I would close is the UN so I am not impartial either.
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    It's against the law for ANYBODY to loiter within 100 feet of polling places where I'm from. I don't see what the big deal is.
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    I don't like people looking at me so I should issue arrests warrants.
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    I bet he expects them to obey posted speed limits as well the gall of imposing laws on UN international delegates who do not have diplomatic immunity.
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    There is nothing intelligent about his remarks IMO.
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    I don't believe the state has the power to prosecute any foreign citizen. I think that's a federal power only.
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    UN election observers?

    Maybe they'll draw observers from the UN Human Rights Council, whose members include Cuba, China, Saudia Arabia and Libya. Syria had applied for a seat this year, though Assad may have been too busy lately to finish the paper work.
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    I doubt all of these observers have diplomatic immunity which is granted by the federal government. Otherwise there are many foreign nationals sitting in state prison that want a lawyer ASAP.
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    As it happens, OSCE has now conceded that they don't need to actually be in the polling places and that they will abide by Texas laws, so this whole thing is moot now.
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    It was never a question about if OSCE will abide by local laws but the thread and the OP article is about how welcoming Greg Abbott is to having an external organization monitoring the election process. From the OP article:
    It's no wonder that the world doesn't cheer much on the US conservatives:
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    It seems that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was mistaken from the beginning.

    How embarrassing, we have Texas politicians that have no clue what is going on. The OSCE has been doing this in the US since 2002!!!

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    Oh, right, you don't live here. Move along now, nothing to see here. Everything is situation normal.
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