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Homework Help: Arrow initial velocity

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    You shoot an arrow into the air. Two seconds later (2.00 ) the arrow has gone straight upward to a height of 25.0 above its launch point
    What is the initial velocity or the formula I would use to find
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    Are you looking for max velocity? Initial velocity at what point? Before you shot it would be zero. At max height it would also be zero.
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    the right answer is 22.3 but i dont know how the book got that answer
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    can you post the entire question.
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    That is the entire question: My homework is on masteringphysics.com
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    There is not enough information to find the answer.
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    I apologize I think I just figured it out. Here is the formula
    velocity & displacement:
    v^2=initial velocity+2(-9.8m/s^2)(25m) but your initial velocity should be zero so are you sure that that is what the question is asking for.
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