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Art Appreciation

  1. Jun 28, 2003 #1
    Perhaps it's simply the asthetic that attracts my attention, but I've always held a certain fondness for the simplisitc beauty of Picasso's Enamel Saucepan.

    http://www.kinneret.co.il/afikim/picasso/yom0.files/image004.jpg [Broken]

    Post an image (of reasonable kByte-size) of something you appreciate.

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    ah, how do you attach a picture?
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  4. Jul 5, 2003 #3
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    Picasso is nice.

    I love fine art - however my true taste lies in the extremely abstract art. Some geometric art, but mostly truly fluid art. That's what gets me the most.
  6. Jul 8, 2003 #5
    I was in Edinburgh Scotland (sp?) for one day a few years ago and of that one day I was given fifteen minutes to go through the Art Museum in that city. The tour guide told us we should see the sculpture "The Three Graces."

    I'm not a big Sculpture fan, but I thought okay, I'll check it out. I walked in and ahead of me, in one gallery of that museum, I saw one of Rembrandt's mature self portraits! I rushed into the room and on another wall was a landscape by John Constable, and on another wall was a large El Greco Religious painting and on the wall behind me was a Rubens Mythology painting.

    Four of my favorite painters' favorite paintings in one room!

    I ran through the rest of that building and did the entire place in just over the alotted 15 minutes.

    It is a nice Picasso, eNtRopY, simple and bold.
  7. Jul 9, 2003 #6
    salvidor dali's Dissemination Of Time, is my all time favorite, runner up is The Temptation Of St' Anthony also by dali.

    sorry no pic to attach youll have to try and find it on the net somewhere.
  8. Jul 9, 2003 #7
    oh ja dali is the best! i am a big fan of temtation of anthony as well. went to a dali sculpture exhibition last year which was soo good. i would never have thought sculptures would be that great, really, but they were so moving i don't understand why. but i was just transfixed, i wanted to actually go up to one and hug it, mother it or something. ahha found it, you can't really get a sense of it in a photo but it's just so...existentially agsty

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  9. Jul 9, 2003 #8

    http://www.artnowgallery.nu/dali_sculptures1.htm [Broken]
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  10. Jul 9, 2003 #9
    You guys would probably like an artist named Peter Blume. Also a Surrealist.

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  11. Jul 10, 2003 #10
    humm not bad, but not quite a ssurreal as dalis work though is it. i have to say that my favorites are always the really surreal stuff with the hidden and subtle meanings
  12. Jul 13, 2003 #11
    it says a certian je ne sa qua...yea i sounded most of that out but...http://www.barmirrors.com/images/twos/7dogs2.jpg [Broken]
    What twisted bastard came up with this it is an egnima wrapped in a pardox dip in choclate and sprikled with confectioner sugar...of question
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  13. Jul 13, 2003 #12
    7dogs instantly transports me back to a kid's saturday morning haircuts at the neighborhood barber shop, with ****kicker music (full of steel guitar) oozing out of the old table radio. This picture hung serenely on the wall and it always transfixed me throughout the whole clip (,accompanied by "ya broke ma heart in two...").
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    From Robert Venosa

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    Was at the tate modern in london the other day and never seen so much bull**** (at least it made me laugh) maybe im just a philistine, but I like the stuff above even though I think the moving 2d picture is a better medium and 3d even better.
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