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Art Bell's return!

  1. Sep 18, 2003 #1
    For Art Bell fans, there is good news. He's going to be replacing Barbara Simpson on the weekends. This is great because it will mean that there's the possibility he'll do the next Coast to Coast interview with Michio Kaku.

    George Norry's cool and he will continue to run the show Mon-Fri but I think a lot of people miss Art.
    Evidently his back had hurt so bad, that Art couldn't sit in a chair for 3-4 hours every night to do the radio show.
    I have always wondered why he didn't just walk on a treadmill or sit in a pool/jacuzzi (or even lay on a bed or some kind of backstretching device) during airtime to prevent back problems.
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    Art Bell simply loves radio, and to no surprise, he is probably itching to get back on national air.

    This is indeed great news. Dr. Kaku should be on sometime this fall or early winter, no promises yet :-D

    Thanks for the info 'Haarp, and welcome back to the new MKaku.org Community.

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    Been very busy but it's nice to be back.
    Is there still a general, off topic section? I'm lost.
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