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Art Exhibit Controversy

  1. Feb 7, 2008 #1
    http://www.thelocal.se/9824/20080130/ [Broken]

    I'm always so surprised how far from the political climate Sweden is from the United States. Besides the neo-Nazis, the only party opposing it was the far-right Christian Democrats (6.6% in latest elections). Most others where thrilled.

    Do you think such an exhibition would fly in, say, the United States? :biggrin:
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    In a private gallery, there would be no problem. But if public money is given to controversial artists and exhibits, yes, you can bet there would be a problem with some people.

    Just curious - do the neo-Nazis and Christian Democrats there agree on many issues?
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    Like, right next door to the Creationism Museum?
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    I believe one of the things about the Neo-Nazis is that they want to abolish any semblance of Christianity and go back to their "true" roots.

    Then again, I am learning all of this from learning about Black Metal, so I might be completely off hahaha.
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    I would go to the exhibition. I would also certainly need to cross a picket line of protesters to do it.
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    Not really, the Christian Democrats is a mainstrem party that belongs to the same "family" as e.g. CDU in Germany (Angela Merkels party). They do not really have many "extreme" views, except for on issues like the proposed law on gender neutral marriage, they are the only ones opposing it of allt the parties in the swedish parliament.
    However, since it is the only party with a "religious identity" in Sweden it also attracts people on the christian right wing (which is a very small minority in Sweden), and sometimes these end up representing the party at the local level. However, if these representatives do something that is really embarrasing to the party at a national level they get expelled pretty quickly.

    I suspect they find it quite embarrasing that they happen to be on the same side as the neo-nazis in this case.
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