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ART+Science @ CERN Physics Lab

  1. Aug 30, 2009 #1
    Hi Everyone,
    I am an American mural artist currently working on public project at CERN in Geneva. I am painting a mural that will portray the ATLAS detector. Here is the website with several proposals for the project.

    http://atlasmural.wordpress.com/2009/ [Broken]

    I am traveling to Geneva next week to begin work on this mural. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts on the proposals or any art and physics ideas. Also if anyone has any contacts in Geneva who might be interested in this project, let me know. I am new to Geneva and it would help to be in touch with anyone who speaks English and is familiar with the city.
    Thanks for reading!
    Josef Kristofoletti
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    I liked 17 and 14. The only idea that sprang to my mind is the obvious which is apparently their logo already (Atlas with an atom on his shoulders).
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