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Article tries to debunk the BBT

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    [crackpot link deleted]

    Is it successful? What are the mistakes?
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    This seems more like *****ing about the United States and trying to use the (no longer standard) big bang theory to do so, than a scientific debunking to me.

    The article also says that black holes are "imaginary:"

    Finally, this article is about the no longer standard, old big bang theory, which has many problems that have been fixed or lessened by the new standard model of inflationary cosmology.

    This guy seems like a douche to me, but I could be wrong as I'm not an expert on the subjects of cosmology or douches.
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    He could be onto something.
    Because of angular momentum it's difficult to actually get into a blackhole, matter just sits in orbit for a long time - very similair to the queue at immigration at any US airport.
    Although the black hole emits a lot of EM radiation, no intelligence or information can escape form the back hole - US tv?

    Like the famous quote about steady state: the universe has always been there and is continuing on for ever in the same steady way - this theory was very popular with academics!
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    But no serious scientists believe in the steady-state model nowadays, right?
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    That site is just religious crackpottery. It is not worthy of discussion here.

    kasse, please screen your sources better. Not only will it avoid having threads closed, but learning to evaluate the quality of the sources is an essential skill for navigating the internet minefield and actually finding knowledge there.
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