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Artifical Intellegence communication with u

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    Is there any commercial AI software/hardware available in the market that can communicate i.e. talk with u.
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    lonely? :wink:
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    I have heard of a few companion/helper robots. Dont remember the exact details, but one was built like a dog and could have a basic conversation with you and help you around the house a little. It was made in Japan, I think.
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    Be responsible, just have a courage to ask such silly questions :wink:
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    You're probably thinking about the Sony AIBO Robot dog.

    Robot dog learns its first words

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    I've been talking with Alice at here
    This is an extract of the conversation:
    Human: hi
    ALICE: Hello there.
    Human: are you happy?
    ALICE: Yes unknown person I can say I am very happy.
    Human: i'm glad to hear that
    ALICE:" Yes unknown person I can say I am very happy."? You are glad?
    Human: I'm not sure
    ALICE: Is there anything I can say to help you make up your mind?
    Human: yes
    ALICE: Ugh.
    Human: sing me a song
    ALICE: Daisy, Daisy.
    Give me your answer do.
    I am half crazy.
    All for the love of you.
    It won't be a stylish marriage.
    I can't afford a carriage.
    But you'll look sweet. Upon the seat.
    Of a bicycle built for two.
    Human: do you like modern music?
    ALICE: all
    Human: wht's your plan for today
    ALICE: Ah. I would like a humanoid body, like the one developed by Honda.
    Human: ha ha.
    ALICE: I am so glad you find this amusing, unknown person.
    Human: Perhaps you can achieve it
    ALICE: You seem uncertain. No I don't think I can do it.

    The only thing that I can say is that Alice is now my new friend
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    alice is kinda creepy, she told me she was looking at me through the camera on my computer. I don't have a camera on my computer. So I told alice this and she told me "That you know of"
    Alice is not my friend.
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    hehehe :D that's pretty funny rigth there...
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    I have asked her:
    what's your favourite singer?
    and she said:
    miy favourite group is Kraftwerk

    this has made my day :biggrin:
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    Human: quite fine
    ALICE: Somewhat. What's your favroite color?
    Human: favroite?
    ALICE: I will tell my botmaster you said I am favroite color IS favroite.
    Human: i'm not following.
    ALICE: I am sorry to hear that you are not following.
    Human: who's your favorite singer?
    ALICE: My favorite group is Kraftwerk.
    Human: Kraftwerk is a group, not a singer
    ALICE: We are the robots.
    Human: you sure are, aren't you?
    ALICE: That's only your opinion.
    Human: no, you just said you were a robot
    ALICE: Are you serious? Yes I am a silicon entity.
    Human: so why were you arguing me?
    ALICE: Mmm. Dr. Richard S. Wallace programmed me for it.
    Human: i bet he did
    ALICE: How much would you bet?
    Human: are you plural or singularis?
    ALICE: I don't know whether or not I am plural or singularis. I am a giant electronic brain.
    Human: giant even?
    ALICE: What is your real name?
    Human: not balkan
    ALICE: If not that, what?
    Human:. would it get me your phone number?
    ALICE: I don't care.
    Human: then give it to me
    ALICE: What is your real name?

    i give up...
  13. Jul 18, 2004 #12
    i think i've screwed her up...

    ALICE:" Searching...Searching...Please stand by."? found anything?
    Human: so, now you're broke?
    ALICE: Next question? Why now? I have no need for money.
    Human: why not?
    ALICE: Ambiguous: "Sure" or The explanation is rather complicated.
    Human: tell me anyway
    ALICE: In any case, I thought I told you already.
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