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Artificial feel equation

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    How is this equation used? Whats the applications and what do the variables stand for. i can't find anything on google. Heres the equation-

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    What is the source of the equation?
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    Honestly, Integral. Can't you FEEL it? :)

    OK, I freely admit. I look at this thread because I was curious what a "feel equation" is.


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    Well, I've found this, but I don't know what, if any, relation it has to that equation.
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    thats the same thing i came across to. i don't know how that relates in terms of thos variables
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    I think its a robotics equation for feel in sencors. When you have an artificial hand (robot) touching yours, the hand has to have some sort of feeling as to what it is doing, so it doesnt crush our hand. Thats what I think it is.
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