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Artificial intelligence

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    I dont know much about artificial intelligence and stuff but still a thought - If we are able to know completely about how our brain works we can design a chip that works like our brain right? Brain works through chemical and electrical signals so if are able to discover the functioning of brain we can create artificial intelligence just by copying the brain's structure?

    Keep in mind that I am not into computers and stuff - just a layman so sorry if something doesnt make sense
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    Two points spring to mind:

    1) A brain without a body will die. So you'll need to simulate a body to a sufficient level.

    1.5) A body without an environment will die. So...

    2) A simulated human is a human with all the same interests, needs, flaws and deserved of the same rights.

    As there is no real scientific basis for any of this beyond speculation there's really no way to continue without breaking the rules. But if you are interested in reading further here are some links:

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