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Artificial life and the selection of pleasure

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    The component of sex that will survive biological reproduction may well be the sensation of pleasure. As we approach delegating DNA unification to an in vitro environment, the emotional component will become the primary subject of "natural" selection. Genetics becomes perfunctory, while orgasm retains its long sought after allure - yet itself will eventually evolve into a simulated reinforcement. What remains to be seen is whether the more subtle feelings, like parenthood and intimacy, will endure.
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    I wish you also included AI with your reference to artificial life.. A Stephen Spielberg film titled Artificial Intelligence does a nice job addressing parenthood, intimacy and emotional bonding between humans and artificial humans. They even tie in the Pinocchio Syndrone, of the AI longing to be human.

    Regarding in vitro fertilization, I don't see it as replacing natural biological reproduction.
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    I found AI to be a beautiful and mysterious movie, with human longings unfulfilled in perpetuity for the hero.

    It would seem that most recent attempts at variegating the sex act avoid evolved sexual behavior, especially since the industrial age. Recall the vibrator to be one of the top five of all mechanisms produced around 1900. What now of virtual sex?
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