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Artificial rain cloud machine created by Israel scientists

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    !!!Artificial rain cloud machine created by Israel scientists!!!

    Yesterday, while seeing spanish news, I was seeing are report of Israel scientists created a machine that produces artificial clouds with rain!!!The machine is a clear tube with an apparatus at the bottom and closed at the top. Scientists will want to use the technology for crops in Israel that don't receive much rain at all. Do you people think this is first step for manipulating weather in our planet just like a Type I Civilization might would?
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    By any chance do you know of any websites that have information on this, it sounds very interesting
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    sorry I do not know websites that have more information on this
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    http://www.newsoftheday.com/israel/old/2004_01_11_index.html [Broken] but it says the device is under developement, and has not actually made rain yet. From the description, it sounds like good old-fashioned cloud-seeding. There is mention of a prototype that has generated some clouds, but from the context it sounds like that was in the lab. After seeding the air to form clouds, it appears they then hope to send an ellectrical charge through the clouds to ionise the water droplets, making them clump to gether and fall.

    I'm not sure wether or not I hope for them to succeed. It would be nice to see the Negev become a more habitable and crop-friendly area, but what will happen to the sarounding regions? IIRC, we've had a few cloud-seeding programs here in the States, and the problem it always raised was that whatever moisture we caused to fall in one area was water that wasn't going to make it to somewhere else.
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    Since we on the topic


    Im doing this project and it involves the false formation of clouds. I got the idea to do this by watching discovery channel. On the disc channel they had some pylon that emits electrons and clouds form around it and then they had a pylon that emmits protons which attracted the clouds causing a false wind. . . IS THIS POSSIBLE and if so can some one give me a sight leading more info to it.
    Much appreciated.

    South Africa
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    making rain,or clouds,or worm holes-please come out in the open do the thing u can instead of hiding like some rat in a hole.even animals do sex,but humans try to hide.reason?perplexed by the norms they seem to hold so tight to themselves and pple theyre close with.
    (i only read about a rainmachine online.you search and youll find).
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    Cute, but it doesnt help on what i asked.
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    rainmaking that works

    If your still interested: derived from Wilhelm Reich's work-cloudbusting, uses simple pipes pointing to the sky to bring back the normal atmospheric pulsation. This has been documented and tested and it seems to work. More info at http://. Different countries have hired these specialists to bring on rains. It's a shame with all the drought and forest fires (right here in the USA), this knowledge is censored.
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    are there any pics of the equipments used to make rain?
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