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Artificial stars

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    Sorry for my english. My suggestion is probably crazy, but... We can imagine what a advanced extraterrestrial civilization can create a star artificially, like we kindle a fire. Can you imagine some technique that posibilite this? Perhaps no all stars of universe are natural, perhaps one for galaxy is artificial, for example. A artificial star, has some peculiar characteristics, a special signature that differenciate this of a natural star? If afirmative, we can explore the sky in search for these special stars, like headligths for emergent civilizations. I imagine what, if an advanced civilization has this power, they will create the star, for various reasons: for scientific experimentation, for stethics reasons, for satisfy an old dream, as demostration of power, etc... even for comercial publicity! Also as source of energy, so they no travel too far of native world.
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    If what you mean by an "artificial star" is a creation of nuclear fusion, then yes, we have already done it. In fact, the fusion reactors are currently being researched to harness this power for electricity more efficiently. Fusion power plants should eventually replace all nuclear power plants. The way it works is hydrogen is fused together at an extremely high temperature to produce helium. This process releases alot of energy.

    Stars are pretty much giant balls of hydrogen gas that under it's own gravitation pull, compress the gas at its core to outrageous temperatures necessary for fusion.

    If an alien civilization wants to make a star, then they would have to collect hydrogen gas in space and put in one spot. But the amount of hydrogen necessary makes the process unreasonable. It's better to play around with existing stars.
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    As waht points out, why create something from scratch when you've got more than you can shake a stick at flaoting around in your neighborhood?

    But that doesn't change your idea though. We might still spot the distinct signatures of stars that are being artificially tweaked by alien scientists.
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    Artificial Star Creation

    I know this thread is old but I had to comment. I've Actually been doing some research on the topic and have not found anything on artificial Star creation, but I did come up with something on my own. below you'll find a summary of my idea. If you want detailed information send me an email and I will get back to you.

    Civilizations capable of creating Ring Worlds, Dyson Spheres and other Mega Structures should be able to create stars.

    A Mega Structure similar to that of a Dyson Sphere would be deposited or constructed in a region of space were the matter necessary for Star creation is abundant. The mega structure size would vary to the star type that was to be created. Massive vents located around the sphere would suck the matter in to the center of the structure. Once the matter reaches a specified point the flow of the pumps would change so that the matter pumped in would begin spin around the matter already in place. This motion would start the matter spinning. As time goes by the speed of the pumps would increase causing the matter already inside to compact into a sphere shape and begin heating up as more and more matter is compressed. Eventually the mass will reach a point to where it will be able to maintain its own gravity. As the temperatures begin to climb the Structure can ignite a spark or fire a device into the heart of the mass igniting it and creating a star. Or the process could happen naturally. Either way the stars creation would be violent the Mega Structure would be obliterated and added to the remaining matter to form planets. Or the Structure could capture the energy and remaining matter and use it to expand into a Dyson Sphere or reconfigure itself into a Ring World for later habitation. Of course any civilization deploying such technology would have to be sure of its stability. A miscalculation could result in the Star collapsing in on itself. The resulting blackhole would destroy the resources in the region.

    I did not spell check this because I'm at work and did not have a lot of time.
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    No offense but this is nonsense (or should I say nonscience :rolleyes:).

    There are many misunderstandings of physics here, but one of the biggest is in the premise - that you can "suck" matter in space. There is no such thing as "sucking". There are pressure differentials (such as the one that's created inside a vacuum cleaner), but pressure diffs don't work in vacuum - neither do vacuum cleaners.
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