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Artin Vs Dummit ?

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    Artin Vs Dummit ?!!

    hi every one ,
    I read some comments to some students , some of them see that learning abstract algebra from artin book is more easier than dummit one and more interesting ! and some say that dummit's book is better than artin's one ,

    so what is your opinion about what book is better ? and why ?

    for me , I study the subject from dummit and foote , and I also study from : introduction to group theory by w.ledermann

    I find dummit is quite good .

    so I hope that all of you share me and the other members your opinons and why ?!

    bye :)

    Maths Lover
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    Re: Artin Vs Dummit ?!!

    I find Artin vastly superior to Dummit and Foote. Sure, Dummit and Foote has more material. But Artin's book has more beauty and cool nonstandard topics. After you read Artin, you might want to read another book to fill in your gaps, but you will also have a very good overview and feel of algebra.

    It doesn't always say something, but Artin is also one of the most famous mathematicians there are.
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    Re: Artin Vs Dummit ?!!

    what is the gaps which i have to fill it after studying artin's book ?
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