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Artist needs help with project

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    I'm not an engineer I'm an artist and I don't have a clue where to begin. I'm working on a small setup and I need to create the following somehow.

    I need a small (micro, miniature) engine that drives a small lever up and down. I need to be able to control both the height of the lever (1-3 inches), how fast the lever raises and falls (in seconds), how frequently the lever rises and fall (in seconds), and the amount of force (pressure, I suppose) that the lever applies when in falls. The amount of pressure doesn't have to be very large, say about the amount of pressure it takes to stretch an average rubber band.

    That's what I'm hoping to do. Does anyone know of an off the shelf hobbyist type kit that might do this. I'm not an engineer or a computer programmer so I'm not interested in any mega project. But I don't mind putting some parts together if that what it takes.

    TIA for any help.
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    I severely doubt that what you want is within your ability to build. The closest "off-the-shelf" device that I can immediately think of is a tattoo gun, but even that won't meet your requirements.
    (And yes, I realize that tattoo needles don't traverse 1-3 inches. Leverage can change that.)
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    jumbodog, Welcome to Physcis Forums!

    You might use a small fractional horsepower variable speed dc (direct current) motor. Install a cord onto the shaft and as the motor rotates it pulls on the cord, which is attached to the arm. The arm will then raise when the motor runs. To return to the original position you would need to deenergise the motor and use a spring system or gravity.
    Here are sites that sell the motors/controllers, some quite cheap!



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