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Artists? Matting pictures - tape

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    Are there any artists / pro photographers here?

    I am putting some photos in a show next month. I've cut all the mattes, and printed the pictures. I have yet to put the mattes on the pix.

    Normally, when I matte a piece of art, I only need to apply a small amount of tape, like a square inch or two, to hold it in place. Compressing the art between backing and matte/glass/frame is enough to secure the art.

    But in this case, I'm not framing them; I am only matting them, and hanging the mattes on my display. (18 x 8x10s, with a 2" matte each would require 78 linear feet of frame! $$$)

    In this case, I'm going to need to secure the pic to the matte pretty much all along the edge, otherwise, when on display, the pic will bow and pull away from the matte and look terrible. (and I'm not sure that any potential buyers will be satisfied with my choice of matte colour, so it really should be removable).

    So, that's a lot of tape. Any suggestions about the kind of tape can/should I use that is acid-free* and low-tack enough to not wreck the matte when I lay it down by the foot?

    * not sure whether to with acid-free. These are digital prints from a photo booth, not archival quality art paper...
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    I think the "blue tape" sold in hardware stores should do well, but I'm not a matting guy so take that w/ a grain of salt.
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    Damn, I misread the thread title. There are neither pictures nor tapes of mating artists here. :cry:
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    Can't the hobby shop show you what you need?
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    Yes. I just haven't been able to get there, and I was in a hurry to finish.
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    Well, I had to go back the store for a 4th sheet of matte anyway, so I got some advice and tape while there.
    They have acid-free low-tack tape there - at $80 a roll...

    At their suggestion, I bought what is essentially Scotch tape, but it's photo-safe.

    Thanks all.
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