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"Artist's Renditions"

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    So am I the only one or are others as bugged as I am with these useless artist's renditions of occurrences of cosmological events that either have absolutely no resemblance to the actual event or don't supply enough information in the title to clarify that the supplied illustration is even a rendition or a real photograph of the event. My latest is "Astronomers Glimpse Supernova Shockwave - March 22, 2016" whereby the reader is led to believe that the illustration is actually a photo of the rebound shock wave at the precise moment it breaks through the surface of the star. Come on....!!! Do we even have cameras that fast or telescopes that sensitive??
    Although I believe artist's illustrations are sometimes useful, most of the time they are not and only serve to further confuse the viewer and sensationalize the event and lower it to the level of a cartoon especially if the viewer is a newbie.
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    Unbugged am I.
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