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Arxiv access denied

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    Today my arxiv access priveleges were denied, evidently for botting. While flattered, the truth is I have no idea how to bot. Anyone else experience this?
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    What exactly did the message say?
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    Here's a reference on why it may have happened and how to fix it:

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    . . . mine don't. :rolleyes:
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    I was downloading an arxiv paper when it froze at about half complete. I finally rebooted my boole [computer], which had become completely unresponsive. Upon trying to log back on I received message:

    Access Denied

    Sadly, you do not currently appear to have permission to access http://arxiv.org/
    If you believe this determination to be in error, see http://arxiv.org/denied.html for additional information.

    The 'denied' link alleged it could be due to botting, or use of prefetch software. Like I said, I don't know how to bot, and, if I'm using any prefetch software, its been running for about 2 years without my knowledge. The instructions for reporting this were rather arcane, so I have linked to a mirror site in the mean time.
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