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ArXiv - I need an endorser!

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    I am an italian undergraduate maths student. I have recently written two brief mathematical papers on prime numbers. In the first one, I have proved a simple method to solve the factoring problem (that is, given the product p of two primes a and b, find a and b). In the second one, I have reduced the problem of finding new primes to a much simpler one. I would like to submit these paper in the ArXiv, in order to have some feedback from the scientific community. The problem is, I need an endorser and I don't know any. Is there anyone in here willing to be my endorser? I need someone who can endorse in NT (number theory).
    Thanks in advance!:biggrin:
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    Why don't you ask a professor at your university?
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    Because none of them would be able to endorse me. I have checked their names on the ArXive, and it appears that none of them have submitted anything at all (they usually get their articles published in journals and similar).
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    I'd still have thought that speaking to them would be the first thing to do. Even if they can't endorse it themselves, if they like your work they should be able to help out and maybe suggest someone. Sounds better than just asking on a website.
    The tricky bit, is that you really need to impress someone with your work first. I doubt anyone is going to want to endorse you unless they believe that it is good stuff which interests them personally, is worthy of publication and also would be willing to be associated with it (given that they would be your endorser).
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