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ArXiv.org questions

  1. Jan 26, 2005 #1
    I wish to submit a paper to arXiv.org.It's a geophysical conference proceedings paper.The question is :-can one submit a conference proceedings paper to arXiv?The organizer of the conference is not going to put it there---so as an individual can I submit it?If yes,what would be the Journal-ref----Proceedings of so and so?

    Another question is regarding graphics usage under latex.I have redhat linux 7.2.I've used \usepackage{graphics} in preamble and \includegraphics in the body.The graphics do show up on the dvi file,but the original tex file is only 11k.Obviously with 9 figures the whole thing should be much more.How do I submit it to arXiv?Do I submit only the tex file or the tex file + figures separately?Please help.I have endorsement.Thanks in advance.
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